about us

Sitno Seckano is the blog of two food obsessed sisters. Inspired by famous and less well-known chefs & cooks, blogs & cookbooks, we cook all the recipes ourselves, adapt the ingredients and photograph the ready dishes. We love finding unusual foods, thinking about what to cook next and have people enjoy our kitchen creations.

We read food and cooking blogs every day so naturally we asked each other how come we don’t have a blog when we cook so much and so often? In March 2009, Bojana started the blog with a post on honey and oatmeal pie.

Bojana lives in Skopje, Macedonia and Maja lives in The Hague, Netherlands. Daniel takes photos, shoots and edits the video recipes and does a lot of the eating, and Gipu mostly does the eating. They both cook sometimes (very well, but not often enough).

We want to share our ideas, recipes and the food we’ve enjoyed and we are happiest when we receive a comment or an email from our readers.

Sitno Seckano is like an extension of our individual kitchens and we’d like to welcome you here. Explore our blog and enjoy!